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A 'YouTube-like' Experience For Employees Leading research firms are predicting that video is becoming a key component of workplace collaboration.

A 'YouTube-like' Experience For Employees The rapid growth of video in the consumer marketplace over the past few years can be described as nothing less than a “phenomenon.”

A 5-Step Plan for Running C2B -- Your Guide to Social Intelligence Stimulate your thinking and help your social intelligence planning by reading this 5-step plan to optimize your Customer-to-Business (C2B) strategy.

A Beginner's Guide to Managing Your Money with Mint By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Blueprint for Content Marketing Success 84% of marketers plan to increase their content marketing spend over the next 5 years but less than half have any real confidence such content investments are paying off, based on a recent CEB survey.

A Blueprint for Maximizing Recognition Design your employee recognition program for true business results.

A Blueprint for Maximizing Recognition Design your employee recognition program for true business results.

A Brand-Builder's Guide to the Universe 17 Ways to Build a Great Brand Today

A Brief Look at OpenStack This eBook discusses topics that anyone considering an OpenStack private cloud will find interesting. It explores OpenStack's market penetration and some of the key drivers for technology adoption. The book also outlines selected use cases, and provides insight on some key OpenStack components -- Nova and Neutron.

A Brief Update on Hadoop A look at how Hadoop is finding a place in data centers around the world, and changing the way enterprises handle business intelligence.

A Buyer's Guide for Hosted Exchange Email Before you make a decision, be sure to consider your risk -- including downtime, migration, compliance, plan flexibility, functionality limitations, and more.

A Buyer's Guide: Stock Inventory Management and Asset Tracking for Healthcare Organizations This eBook helps healthcare organizations through key issues and questions that should be asked prior to purchasing a barcode inventory system.

A CIO's Guide to Achieving Information Management Excellence Download this white paper to learn the right steps towards managing your enterprise data for faster, more cost-effective business operations.

A Comparative Study of Commercial Eclipse-based IDEs Learn how an Eclipse-based IDE can be used to improve the productivity and quality of various Java projects when compared with using baseline Eclipse distribution.

A Comparison Guide to Services That Reduce IT Workload for Small Businesses SMB IT departments today are pulled in many directions and need to make sure their efforts benefit their organizations. Learn what services are available to help you work toward the company's bottom line.

A Comparison of Business Intelligence Capabilities Sage MAS 90 ERP and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Learn which business management software system is right for you - Sage MAS 90 ERP or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

A Complete Guide to Default Mac Apps and What They Do By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Comprehensive Framework for Securing Virtualized Data Centers Learn how to protect your high value virtual assets with a combination of purpose-built IPS platforms, management solutions and industry-leading threat research and security filters.

A Comprehensive Mobile Threat Assessment Find out what FireEye researchers uncovered when they analyzed more than 7 million iOS and Android apps.

A Computer Geek's Smart Productivity Guide By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Content Strategy for Marketing Automation-Driven Demand Generation How to implement a content strategy to drive lead nurturing and other engagement tactics.

A Crash Course on Building Employee Retention Are you looking to reduce voluntary turnover at your organization?

A Cross-Channel Loyalty Case Study A must-read for everyone in the Retail and Consumer Goods industry, this case study examines what is needed for loyalty success.

A Definitive Guide to Social Selling Find prospects. Build relationships. Crush targets.

A Detailed Look at Data Replication Options for Disaster Recovery Planning Provides a technical overview and high level considerations for IT professionals to think about when considering a replication strategy.

A Detailed Look at Data Replication Options for DR Planning Explore the different approaches for integrating data replication into your DR strategy.

A Different Approach to Scale Out Storage Tired of running out of capacity and planning for the unknown?

A Glance into Sales Operations as a Service - A whitepaper that highlights how 'beyond a software' approach can lead you towards sales success.

A Glance into Sales Operations as a Service - You need more than a software to achieve the desired business outcomes

A Glimpse Inside Facebook: Connectivity Across The Globe Hear from Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, on the talent and culture inside the tech giant.

A Greener Planet Starts with Smarter IT Discover how smarter IT can improve operations and protect the planet.

A Guide for IT Decision Makers: Top 6 Recommendations for Selecting an Ethernet Fabric Deploying the right Ethernet fabric is key for any organization, but selecting one can be daunting.

A Guide to Adaptive Selling for Call Centers Find out how to engage in relevant sales conversations with your customers using adaptive selling.

A Guide to Click-through Sales Tax Nexus for Small Businesses If you're a small business knowing your nexus is crucial and Avalara AvaTax can help.

A Guide to Evaluating Enterprise Social Relationship Platforms For any organization active on social media, it is imperative that they use a Social Relationship Platform (SRP) that meets all their needs. Finding the best enterprise SRP that works across your entire organization can be challenging.

A Guide to Field Mobility Empower your field sales and service workers with a mobile, handheld computer that provides real-time information that's vital to your business. Download A Guide to Field Mobility— a free, in-depth primer.

A Guide to Google Tools, Tips & Tricks You Can't Live Without By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Guide to Holiday Email Marketing Email marketing is key to ensuring your business has the best holiday ever.

A Guide to Knowledge Management Software for Service and Support “The KM Market Landscape” helps define a software category often marked by confusion.

A Guide to Maximizing Your Contact Center Agent's Efficiency The guide includes hiring checklists, free video content, and more to help you create a winning contact center team.

A Guide to Messaging Archiving Why should you implement an email archiving system? Learn why organizations like yours are increasingly using this solution and what vendors focus on this area.

A Guide to Prospecting with Programmatic Advertising Read this guide to understand how to take advantage of programmatic-powered prospecting.

A Guide to Successful Chromatin IP 4 Step Protocol to a Better ChIP Experiment

A Guide to Successful Gemba Walks What? Why? How?

A Guide to the Windows 10 Start Menu By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Guide to Trello: For Life and Project Management By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Holistic Approach to Business Mobility Creating the balanced approach between the people, processes, and technology in your business to facilitate communication on the go.

A Library of Handy HR Checklists Use these handy checklists to keep your employees happy and your department in compliance.

A Manager's Guide to Unified Threat Management and Next-Gen Firewalls Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems are among the most widely used tools in the information security arsenal.

A Manager's Quick Guide to Doing More with Less We know it's tough out there for growing businesses; resources are limited, competition is fierce, and to succeed you need to constantly fight to stay ahead of the pack. The secret to getting and staying ahead (without blowing the budget) is making the most of the people you already have.

A Manifesto for the Corporate Idealist You believe that business can be a force for good--but know that it doesn’t happen by accident.

A Multi-Level Approach to Addressing Targeted Attacks 88% of targeted malware is NOT detected by anti-virus according to research by Trustwave.

A New Approach to Centralizing Bank Connections Learn how banks and insurance providers can simplify connecting to corporate customers and differentiate services with managed file transfer platforms.

A New Brand of Marketing: The 7 Meta-Trends of Modern Marketing as a Technology-Powered Discipline Understand the context in which marketing has become a technology-powered discipline. This book frames the epic collaboration underway between marketers and technologists.

A New Era of Voluntary Benefits As employers struggle with escalating insurance costs the role of voluntary benefits continues to grow.

A New Look at the ROI for Enterprise Smart Cards Learn about the latest trends in smart card deployments, the value of converged access, SSO and remote access solutions from Datamonitor's survey of over 200 enterprises.

A New Vision for Milestones: Reimagining the Service Anniversary Experience There is an untapped resource in your organization that has the potential to move the needle on engagement, retention and employee happiness. It is your years of service program. No, really!

A New Way to Safely & Quickly Move Longwall Mining Machinery Gates iLok™ Coupling: A Safer, Easier Alternative to Traditional Staple-Lock Couplings.

A Newbie's Getting Started Guide to Linux By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

A Prescription for Healthcare: Optimize Performance and Quality Now Learn how to make strategic management goals a reality through real-time information sharing, collaboration, alerts and analysis.

A Primer On Electronic Document Security How document control and digital signatures protect electronic documents in schools.

A Quantitative Comparison of High Efficiency AC vs. DC Power Distribution for Data Centers Learn how improvements in electrical power distribution efficiency quantitatively translates into reductions in total electrical consumption.

A Question: Why Is It So Tough to Sell and What to Do About It? Explores the 'buy side' of selling and current impact on the buying process and the buyers. Part I of a three-part series.

A Quick & Dirty Guide to RAM: What You Need to Know By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Quick Guide to Comparing In-House Vs. Outsourced Contact Center Costs This article details the differences in cost between an in-house call center and one that is outsourced.

A Quick Start Guide to the iPhone Camera By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Regional Hospital Stays HIPAA Compliant through On-Demand Vulnerability Assessments Effingham Hospital, a critical access hospital and nursing home in Springfield, GA, may not be located in a congested, bustling city but the private health information contained within their network is just as valuable to a potential hacker. Not only did they have to remain compliant with HIPAA regulations, they knew it was their responsibility to patients, residents, employees, vendors and many other stakeholders to ensure that their network was properly secured and continuously tested.

A Risk Management Approach to Information Security Discover the top six essentials to your risk management strategy.

A Risk Management Approach to Information Security Top six essentials to your risk management strategy.

A Scalable, Reconfigurable, and Efficient Data Center Power Distribution Architecture How Optimized is Your Data Center Power Distribution System?

A Secure Access Landscape: Technology Backgrounder on SSL VPNs Explains the benefits of SSL VPNs and examines the criteria to be considered when evaluating an SSL VPN solution.

A Secure Access SSL VPN Demo Secure remote access made easy with market-leading, award-winning technology.

A Short History of Data Storage By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

A Snapshot of the Onsite Freelance & Contractor Workforce Download this white paper to find out who makes up the fastest growing segment of the freelance workforce and how they will change your talent strategy.

A Solid Data Center Strategy Starts With Interconnectivity In today's landscape, business is more virtual, geographically dispersed and mobile than ever, with companies building new data centers and clustering servers in separate locations.

A Starter Guide to IT Managed Services How to Achieve Success in Managed Services.

A Strategic Foundation to Maximizing the Value of Enterprise Data Examines how an enterprise data integration platform enriches a service oriented architecture-and how an SOA provides an ideal framework for data integration technology.

A Summary of Russia's Threat in Cyberspace This paper looks at an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group engaged in espionage against political and military targets.

A Superior Hardware Platform for Server Virtualization: Improving Data Center Flexibility, Performance and TCO with the Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series Discover the Intel Xeon processor 5500 series, a better physical platform for virtualization, with unique hardware-assist features to enhance the virtual data center and help tame server sprawl.

A Ten-Step Guide to Working More Human What happens when you bring leading writers, academics, and thinkers together for 48 hours to discuss the future of work?

A Unified Model for Describing a Project Plan This paper proposes a unifying model for project plans that allows projects of all types to be described at a high level, in a common language, regardless of the type of analysis used to develop the plan.

A Window into Mobile Device Security The mass-adoption of both consumer and managed mobile devices in the enterprise has increased employee productivity but has also exposed the enterprise to new security risks.

A Winning Formula: Achieving Top Performance In Records Management Learn how large enterprises are gaining an advantage in records management!

A World Gone Social - Summarized by getAbstract Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

ABC of Sales: Lessons from a Superstar, The Billion Dollar Sales Expert Shares Secrets on How to Become a Sales Superstar.

ABCs of Employee Engagement, The Are you looking to boost employee engagement at your company?

ABCs of Employee Engagement, The Are you looking to boost employee engagement at your company?

ABCs of ITIL® Learn the ITIL® ABCs: accountability, boundaries, and consistency.

Aberdeen 4 Points: Analytics in Sales and Business Development There are a number of factors that impact the use of sales analytics, but the bottom line is that pervasive use of analytics pays off in a big way for sales.

Aberdeen Analyst Insight: The Power of Employee Recognition Latest trends and best practices to design and implement a powerful employee-recognition program.

Aberdeen Checklist: How B2B Salespeople Learn to Love Their Data In a recent study, Aberdeen provided a data and performance-driven bridge between two unlikely enterprise business partners: Sales Leadership and the IT team.

Aberdeen Group: Reframe Employees as Humans And Elevate Your Organization, Too Employees drive the success of almost every organization.

Aberdeen Report: 3 Proven Ways to Boost Employee Performance 65% of top companies have a formal employee recognition program in place that delivers real-time recognition and ongoing feedback. This report reveals the significant impact that formal recognition programs have on employee performance.

Aberdeen Report: How CPQ Stops Sales from Creating IT and Engineering Nightmares According to a new report from Aberdeen, many best-in-class organizations are rethinking the roles of IT and engineering in the sales process, from closing deals to delivering as promised.

Aberdeen Report: Powering a Profitable Sales Organization: How CPQ Cuts Costs What's your most profitable business system? Is it CRM? ERP? CMS?

Aberdeen Report: Simplifying Complex Sales Processes with CPQ Do you really know what's happening across all of your sales channels?

Absolute Must-Do's to Build an Agile Organization, The The majority of training and performance management processes don't lead to more skilled and productive employees.

Absolute Must-Do's to Build an Agile Organization, The What do we mean by agility?

ACA Compliance: Key Takeaways from the 2015 Tax Year Experience to Prep You for 2016 The 2015 Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting cycle has ended - and with it ended the IRS's leniency towards employers' “good faith efforts.”

Accelerate How You Innovate: Data Center Evolution in the Era of the Cloud ($199 value, brought to you compliments of Dimension Data) After interviewing scores of business leaders, the Transform to Better Perform initiative reports six key findings on the transformation of the data center.

Accelerate Insight for Financial Services: Reduce Risk. Stop Fraud. Increase Profits. Learn how the ParAccel Analytic Database (PADB) provides the performance and operational agility required by the financial services industry, enabling rapid analysis of data from an unlimited number of sources, and with deep historical context.

Accelerate Medical Device Sales with Interactive Marketing Solutions Learn how successful marketers in the medical device space develop key, unique, benefits and hands-on experiences for each person involved in the purchasing process.

Accelerate the Delivery of Web-Enabled Applications Examine the root causes of slow and unpredictable application response times and how you can achieve global sub-second response times with zero infrastructure build out.

Accelerate, De-risk Oracle EBS Upgrades Oracle E-Business Suite customers can reduce risk and time, and cut additional storage requirements by using Delphix Server.

Accelerating Business Transformation Through IT Innovation: Getting the Business Leader Take on the IT Change Mandate (Valued at $199) This new study scorecards IT performance against business and customer-value building metrics; highlights benefits of embracing game-changing technologies.

Accelerating Business with Automation and Workflow Efficiencies How SunTrust Banks saved $2 million annually in operating costs, improved service levels and achieved capital ROI within six months.

Accelerating Customer Journeys: Using Contextual Experiences to Convert Unknown Consumers to Advocates This paper explores how marketers can truly deliver contextual customer experiences to build trust, drive conversion and avoid extinction.

Accelerating File Services across the WAN Learn how you can use Blue Coat WAN optimization technology to deliver Web content with reduced bandwidth requirements.

Accelerating Trading Partner Performance: How Retailers and Manufacturers can Unlock Working Capital with on-demand Supply Chain Software Is your company "leaving money on the table" in their supply chain due to problems in partner compliance?

Accelrys Biological Registration: Mastering Biological R&D at Its Roots In this IDC Health Insights white paper, learn how you can have the ability to effectively manage the large and complex research portfolios that are becoming increasingly difficult at large life science companies, a trend exacerbated by technology advances like high-throughput screening and further complicated by mergers and acquisitions. Ideal for Heads of Research IT and R&D Managers within Life Science companies.

Accenture High Tech Solutions for Serving the Small and Medium Business (SMB) Segment Achieve high performance and capture the growth opportunity locked within this lucrative market!

Access 2010 -- Free Quick Reference Card This Access 2010 Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular database management system. Use it to brush up on the basics and to find alternate methods to your favorite commands.

Access the Strongest Network in Seconds with a User-Switchable Platform Find out why giving mobile workers WAN technology independence further enhances your return on asset.

Accessibility: Web Apps Dynamic websites often deal with lots of input and output of data.

Accessing and Selecting Business Management Software Transitioning accounting functions to a new software package is tricky, this guide will help to overcome the challenges.

Accountable Data Protection: An IT Imperative Prepare for enterprise compliance and data availability requirements of the future by implementing a holistic and heterogeneous data protection management solution.

Accounting Principles - Developing Your Finance Skills This free eBook explains all of the basic accounting concepts and terminology you will need to understand the three primary financial statements that appear in every organization’s reports.

Accounts Payable Automation Benefits Learn facts and best practices by leading analysts for selecting a solution provider.

Achieve One-Up/One-Back Traceability in Food Processing Using Plex means a processor can always know the product genealogy in high detail.

Achieve Predictable, Consistent Performance With Hybrid Flash Array The nature of the financial services industry places a myriad of international compliance requirements on a company's IT team, as well as an expectation by its customers to deliver the high test levels of performance and reliability.

Achieve Significant Payroll Savings With Low-Cost Attendance Software As your business grows, keeping track of employee attendance and work hours can get to be more of a challenge. While an expanded staff is a sign of healthy growth, it also means managing that many more hours, days off and absences, an arduous task for business owners, managers and payroll personnel.

Achieving Configuration Compliance in a Regulatory Framework Find out how to achieve automated configuration compliance with an appliance that delivers comprehensive assistance.

Achieving Customer Experience Excellence Customer experience is the critical differentiating factor for brands across all industries.

Achieving End-to-End Visibility in an Outsourced Supply Chain To run today's supply chains requires a new paradigm, one that extends what ERP has done for the company within its four walls to the new reality of the multi-enterprise supply chain network.

Achieving Enormous Efficiencies in Policy and Compliance Management Learn how The First American Corporation centralizes their approach to policy and compliance management with Archer Technologies solutions.

Achieving Fast ROI for BI Projects On average, organizations using Business Intelligence (BI) that responded to Aberdeen's May 2013 agile analytics survey spent over $5 million each on BI last year.

Achieving NAC Now and in the Future: The Role of SSL VPNs Today, huge challenges exist to implementing as-yet immature NAC solutions: complex integration requirements, inadequate inspection capabilities, and weak policy management.

Achieving Rapid Data Recovery for IBM AIX Environments Read how EchoStream for AIX leverages CDP technology to support instantaneous recoveries from disk, resulting in minimal data loss and rapid recovery all while not imposing any downtime on production applications.

Achieving Real-Time Virtualization Control with Workload Automation This webinar will provide actionable advice on how to optimize your virtual data center and achieve real-time control, to run leaner IT while more effectively servicing real business needs.

Achieving ROI from Your PCI DSS Investment Find opportunities to leverage PCI DSS compliance efforts to produce greater long-term return on investment, positive business impact, and an improved security posture.

Achieving ROI from Your PCI Investment Organizations invest considerable financial and technical resources obtaining PCI DSS Compliance. Why not leverage that investment for your future security needs?

Achieving Virtualization Control with Workload Automation Do all your vendors, platforms, and virtual machines add up to a manual scripting nightmare? Not if you have the know-how and technology to integrate it all.

ACS: Securing Sensitive Data in Business Process Outsourcing Discover why this global Fortune® 500 company chose the PGP. Encryption Platform to protect corporate and customer information. Covers compliance, risk mitigation, solution requirements, and the successful results.

Actionable Information Governance: Immediate Value and ROI from Data Governance Information governance doesn't have to be a boil-the-ocean effort. ROI can even be attained through existing IT and compliance initiatives or trigger events like e-discovery or regulatory response.

Actionable Supply Chain Intelligence: Leveraging the Services Hub Learn the Step by Step Strategy to Achieve Supply Chain Utopia.

Actionable Twitter Tactics: The Complete Guide to Twitter Analytics Learn about the tools you'll need for analyzing and reporting on Twitter.

Active Listening -- Developing Your Communication Skills This free eBook describes what active listening is and how it can make you a more effective manager.

Active Management for Active Data As today's enterprises scramble to redefine their information management roadmaps to deal with Big Data, vendors have begun to pursue a new vision of what an Enterprise Information Management ‘stack’ should contain. Gone are the old school strategies - adding storage and building mega-repositories.

Actual Storage Utilization and Your IT Bottom Line Now more than ever, IT managers must spend carefully to keep from negatively impacting the bottom line. Download this paper to learn how you can realize significant savings in storage.

Ad Blocking's Impact and the Future of Digital Marketing The impact of ad blocking is undeniable. Cut through the media hype and hear about alternatives. Get the facts straight from the source and learn what it means for the future of Digital Marketing.

Adapting Security to the Cloud This white paper describes how adoption of cloud technology can potentially change an organization's security requirements and how organizations can adapt their IT and security infrastructure to address these challenges.

Adapting to the Challenges of Our Changing Workforce Workforce Mood Tracker™ Spring 2014 report.

Adaptive Private Networking: Achieving Low Cost, High Bandwidth and Highly Reliable WANs Doing for Enterprise WANs what RAID did for Storage.

Adaptive Supply Chain: Increase Supply Chain Visibility and Meet Customer Demands with Mobile Technologies, The A flexible supply chain is essential to your success. Mobile technologies give you the visibility you need to quickly respond to constantly changing demand anywhere from the production line to the point of sale.

Adaptive Supply Chain: Increase Supply Chain Visibility and Meet Customer Demands, The Mobile technologies give you the visibility you need to quickly respond to constantly changing demand.

Adding Control to Change Management: How to Assess Your Requirements Learn about the different facets of change control and find out which are relevant to you.

Adding Extra Security to Cloud Storage Many companies take a restrictive approach to public storage services such as Dropbox by applying web filtering to block access or by applying application controls to prevent cloud storage applications from being installed.

Adding Webconferencing Tools To Tablets Fosters Mobile Collaboration Tablets are on track to be the #1 tech trend this decade, with 58% of workers using their tablet devices at least once per day.

Adding Zero-Day Offense to Vulnerability Management This white paper describes why organizations are vulnerable to zero-day attacks, and what you can do to add a zero-day offense to your existing vulnerability management processes to protect your organization's assets and data.

Address Privacy Compliance by Tracking Personally Identifiable Information Do you know where your sensitive information is? Since 2005 over 1 million records have been exposed outside of corporate networks. In a free white paper, learn how you can address this growing threat.

Addressing Data Quality at the Enterprise Level: Six Questions to Ensure Enterprise High-Quality Data Data quality encompasses more than finding and fixing missing or inaccurate data. It means delivering comprehensive, consistent, relevant, and timely data to the business regardless of its application, use, or origin.

Addressing Red Flag Requirements Learn how to use SIEM to implement compliance monitoring.

Adhesives & Sealants Industry Is edited for manufacturers, formulators, and end users of adhesives and sealants, pressure sensitives, and other adhesive/sealant products.

Administración Avanzada del Sistema Operativo GNU/Linux El objetivo principal de este libra es introducirnos en el mundo de la admi- nistración de los sistemas GNU/Linux.

Adobe Acrobat 10 - Free Quick Reference Card This Adobe Acrobat 10 Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular application software.

Adobe Fireworks CS3 - Free Quick Reference Card This Adobe Fireworks CS3 Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular graphics editor.

Adobe Flash CS3 -- Free Quick Reference Card This Adobe Flash CS3 Quick Reference offers the fundamentals, as well as tips for using the various applications within the popular multimedia program.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Free Quick Reference Card This Adobe Photoshop CS3 Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular photo editing software. Use this reference to brush up on the basics and to find alternative methods to your favorite commands.

Adopting Unified Communications: Key Steps to Consider Learn how organizations should approach the all important TCO and ROI questions when considering a communications upgrade.

AdRoll Guide to Account-Based Marketing, The Personalize your marketing to convert your highest-value accounts.

ADTRAN Outperforms Cisco in Tolly Group Tests Tolly Group Test Proves ADTRAN Multiservice Access Router Outperforms. View this competitive performance evaluation from the Tolly Group and see why ADTRAN outperformed Cisco.

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting.

Advanced Cybercrime/Terrorism Report Learn about threats to Network Connected Infrastructure and Drug Trafficking through Autonomously flying Drones.

Advanced Java Tutorial Delve into the world of Advanced Java with this compact guide that introduces advanced concepts for the Java programming language!

Advanced Malware Exposed This eBook, Advanced Malware Exposed, is a must read for anyone who wants to understand and protect against advanced, persistent threats who are using this new generation of highly sophisticated advanced malware.

Advanced Marketer's Guide To Salesforce Reports & Dashboards A guide for advanced teams and companies on marketing attribution modeling and reporting using data inside Salesforce.

Advanced Persistent Threats: Detection, Protection and Prevention The threat landscape is changing, or is it?

Advanced Persistent Threats: Hijacking Insider Credentials Do you really know who's logging on?

Advanced Site Optimization: Second-Generation Digital Analytical Tools Learn how a new breed of technologies is emerging -- second-generation digital analysis applications -- within the web analytics, customer experience management, and testing and optimization sectors.

Advanced Threat Targets in Europe, Middle East and Africa: What You Need To Know Get an overview of the advanced persistent threats targeting computer networks discovered by FireEye during the first half of 2015.

Advanced Tips for Advertising on Facebook Learn best practices from Facebook Ads experts.

Advanced Virtualization and Workload Management on Itanium® 2-Based Servers Learn how SWsoft's Virtuozzo provides granular control of workloads, along with exceptional performance and scalability—factors that make it ideal for many mission-critical environments.

Advances in Endpoint Data Security: New Technology to Meet Security, Operations and Compliance Needs Advances in Endpoint Data Security. Security has evolved beyond merely encrypting "bits on disks". The paradigm must shift from Full Disk Encryption.

Advantages of a Dedicated Fixed Asset Management System: Integrating Sage FAS with ERP Systems, The Discover the extra boost to your company's bottom line achieved through accurate, strategic management across the entire fixed asset lifecycle.

Advantages of Business Process as a Service Trading traditional software for experts in the Cloud

Advocacy Market Explained - Whitepaper, The You’ve probably heard some buzz about advocacy. Gartner talks about “brand advocacy” and Sirius Decisions talks about “customer advocacy.” It’s all a bit confusing. Here’s a breakdown of the market.

Advocate Marketing Playbook, The Provides marketers with a blueprint from which to build and manage a successful advocate marketing program; it's a detailed “how-to” guide based on proven best practices.

Affiliate Holiday Playbook 2015 Is your affiliate marketing strategy ready for peak?

Affiliate Marketing and Protecting Your Brand: Getting Your Ducks In A Row Learn key tips to optimize your affiliate marketing programs and decrease affiliate abuse online.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance: Navigating Through the Newest Demands for 2016 The ACA compliance hammer still looms large, including penalties up to $3 million for larger employers if the reporting requirements aren't met.

After the Deal is Sealed: Should Sales Care About Service You'll wonder why organizations haven't already built a (stronger) bridge between the field service organization and the sales team.

After the Software Wars This book explains how we can build better software and all get our own high-tech chauffeur.

Against the Odds: Startups that Make It Learn how to avoid the mistakes that confounded thousands of "geniuses"--even Steve Jobs--and become an Entrepreneurial Leader who combines the opposing natures of the entrepreneur and the leader.

Aggregates Manager Has been published since 1996 and covers the full range of information needs for aggregates professionals.

Agile Adoption: Decreasing Time to Market This Refcard is focused on helping you evaluate and choose the practices for your team or organization when getting to market faster is of prime importance.

Agile Data Management: Enabling Agile Development Through Database Virtualization Agile development techniques are on the rise as corporate app dev teams look to roll out more functionality, faster. However, data infrastructure is often a significant roadblock to greater development agility.

AIIM Turning Documents Into Data Find out how you can use data capture to improve document processing.

Air Transport World Has been the leading monthly magazine serving the needs of the global airline and commercial air transport manufacturing communities for nearly 48 years.

Aircraft Maintenance Technology Is written by aircraft mechanics for aircraft maintenance professionals with its editorial focused on the latest technology and maintenance best practices.

AirWatch Support for Office 365 Learn how VMware AirWatch supports Office 365 and helps people control access on both their corporate desktop and mobile device.

Aite Global AML Vendor Evaluation Managing rapidly escalating risk.

AJAX with APEX – Free Chapter from Oracle Application Express 3.2 A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise's book: Oracle Application Express 3.2.

AJAX: Creating Web Pages with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML - Free 408 page eBook The Easy, Example-Based Guide to Ajax for Every Web Developer.

Alchemy of Intent: Content Marketing in the Lead-to-Revenue Cycle On average, prospects receive 10 marketing touches through the course of a successful buyer's journey (one that ends in “closed-won”).

Aligning Finance and Sales: Best Practices for Sales Compensation Management Sales compensation has become both more complex yet more critical to a company's growth and success. While most finance departments struggle to manage the process, many run the risk of non-compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) due to errors resulting from spreadsheet-based systems.

Aligning Long-term Plans with Short-term Forecasts: Maintaining Productivity without Losing Sight of Goals Planning, budgeting, and forecasting are extremely important exercises because they enable organizations to define where they want to be in the coming years and how they are going to get there.

Aligning Your Industrial / Manufacturing Internet Marketing with Your Business Plan Are you responsible for your manufacturing company’s website?

Aligning Your Treasury Technology with Your Needs A functional analysis and leading practices guide.

All Aboard the Pinterest Train: Your Express Track to Powerful Marketing on Pinterest The Pinterest craze is sweeping the Internet at an alarming rate. Not only are new subscribers piling up by the millions, users are spending an astronomical amount of time on the site.

All-Flash Buyer's Guide Looking for an all-flash vendor? Get valuable advice from this All-Flash Buyer's Guide.

Allocating Data Center Energy Costs and Carbon to IT Users Discover how simple an energy management process can be and how few measurements are needed to successfully manage infrastructure use and allocate energy costs and carbon to IT users.

Allstate Getting Much More from Its IT Services with ServiceNow Cloud-Based IT Service Management Solution The Allstate Corporation (Allstate) is the largest publicly held personal lines insurer in the United States, providing insurance services to approximately 16 million U.S. households.

Allumfassende Mobilität: eine Anleitung für die Nutzung von mobilen Datenerfassungslösungen in Unternehmen. Die Einführung und Verbreitung einer leistungsfähigen mobilen Datenerfassungslösung für den professionalen Einsatz im Unternehmen ist keine einfache Aufgabe.

ALN magazine Provides the latest updates on resources, products, and information to design, build, and equip today's research animal facilities.

AlwaysUp Architecture® “Downtime” is a word no one wants to hear; it costs money and resources (and possibly customers) while you redeploy code, configure applications, add data to failed systems, and replace now-useless hardware.

Amazon Web Services: An Overview There's a great chance that AWS has more than a few products to help you work faster, smarter, and more cost effectively. So, where should you start?

AMC Case Study: Transforming Ineffective Performance Review Process Annual performance reviews…are you just over it? Affiliates Management Company (AMC) was, too.

American Marketing Association and ReadyTalk Present: Best Practices for Webinar Planning and Execution A successful web event can help strengthen a company's brand awareness, increase exposure in the market, and generate qualified sales leads. If done right, it can elevate an organization's credibility and reinforce its position as an industry thought leader. However, running a high-profile web event can be intimidating and challenging.

Amplifying the Value of Travel & Expense Automation Learn how to maximize the value of T&E spend.

An Action Plan for Making Good Customer Service a Reality A big reason is that most organizations never bother to put all of the essential building blocks in place to create a customer-centric culture. They like to talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

An Analysis of Aggressive Online Behavior Targeted Against Corporations, their Products, Services, and Brands Explore the Dark Side of online behavior aimed at corporations and other institutions in this Executive Version of a Harvard Research White Paper.

An Architectural Framework for Enterprise Email Security Learn why adopting a patchwork approach to messaging security can drain ROI—and put your enterprise at risk.

An Architecture for Data Quality Download this white paper now to learn how to address your data quality issues.

An Emerging Triple Play Discover how bringing video communications within the unified communications framework can simplify the users' experience and otherwise enable collaboration at a faster pace, more easily than before.

An Engaging Employee Experience – The Ultimate Guide Employees who aren't engaged are less likely to be inspired by their work, more likely to job hop, and less likely to put in the discretionary effort--the “above and beyond”--that contributes powerfully to an organization's culture, productivity, and bottom line.

An Executive's Guide to Cutting HR Costs Learn about key HR areas that ALL entrepreneurs will eventually face.

An Executive's Guide to Cutting HR Costs Learn about key HR areas that ALL entrepreneurs will eventually face.

An Executive's Guide to Retail Transformation: Best Practices and Case Studies Cross-channel/Omni-channel/All-Channel - it doesn't matter what you call it, the retail world is changing quickly and dramatically, forcing retailers of all kinds to fundamentally reshape their business models and technology platforms.

An HP StorageWorks-Enabled Solution: Affordable End-to-End Storage for Mid-sized Organizations This report presents the results of hands-on testing and a cost of ownership analysis of an HP StorageWorks - enabled solution for medium-size organizations.

An Idiot's Guide To Photoshop - Part II By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

An Idiot's Guide to Photoshop: Part IV By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

An Idiots Guide to Photoshop: Part 3 - Pro Tips By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

An Improved Architecture for High-Efficiency, High-Density Data Centers Learn how APC's Data Center architecture can be implemented to dramatically improve the electrical efficiency of data centers.

An In-Depth Look at Deduplication Technologies Explore the options and get a clear, unbiased view of the deduplication market.

An Innovative Approach to Protecting Critical Data Learn how to protect critical data by concealing network endpoints and assets from unauthorized users.

An Innovative Private Cloud Solution for Enterprise Storage Transporter Genesis is an enterprise file sync and share appliance designed to deliver the modern file management features of public cloud services like Dropbox and Box with the privacy and control offered by Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems.

An Intro to Data Management: How to Use Data to Succeed at Your Job Learn how to take advantage of big data to excel at your job.

An Introduction to Amazon Redshift Discover why Amazon Redshift is one of the most talked about and fastest growing services that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has ever released.

An Introduction to AWS Security Learn the most important aspects of AWS security and what that means to the enterprise.

An Introduction to AWS Security Learn the most important aspects of AWS security and what that means to the enterprise.

An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4 Master C++ and design patterns together, using the world's leading open source framework for cross-platform development: Qt 4.

An Introduction to IBM System i (iSeries) High Availability Solutions Get to know the core components of HA solutions and important installation considerations.

An Introduction to Intel® Architecture: The Basics This paper will walk you through the workings of Intel® architecture and give the initial guidance on how Intel® architecture works and what the system components are.

An Introduction To Keyloggers, RATS And Malware In this book you will learn about various types of Malware, Keyloggers and Rats.

An Introduction to OS Virtualization and Virtuozzo Learn how IT organizations use virtualization to face critical challenges, empowering them to grow their business and cut overhead and inefficiencies.

An Introduction to Virtual Desktop & Task View in Windows 10 By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

An Obamacare Alternative for Small Business Owners Learn how to immediately reduce health benefit costs by $50K, possibly $250K or more.

An Overview of Okta's Multifactor Authentication Capability Learn how Okta brings multifactor authentication to the cloud for both higher levels of security and ease of use for users and administrators.

An SMB's Guide to ECM Software Learn tips and key benefits for selecting an Enterprise Content Management Solution that best meets your unique business challenges.

An Unofficial Guide to Goodreads for Readers and Writers By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

Analysis for Improving Performance -- A 94 Page Excerpt In this book, Richard A. Swanson offers a systematic approach for doing the rigorous preparatory analysis that is vital to shaping and developing successful performance improvement efforts.

Analytical Collaboration: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts At every level of an organization, and in almost every job role, there are business decisions that can benefit from timely supporting information.

Analytics and Big Data for the Mid-Market The topic of “big data” has grabbed headlines over the past few years, but most of this attention has focused on a small percentage of large enterprises.

Analytics for Enterprise Data Warehouse Management and Optimization Most BI and data warehousing inefficiencies arise from a lack of understanding about how applications and data are used across organizations.

Analyzing the ROI of Video Marketing Is your content marketing making a difference?

Anatomy of an E-Commerce Email, The Email marketing is key to running an e-commerce business. Successful email marketing can be found in these 5 easy steps.

Anatomy of an Effective Nuclear Cyber Security Solution, The Achieve cyber security and maintain compliance throughout the lifecycle with robust Security Configuration Management.

Android and iOS Apps Testing at a Glance Gain an understanding of how threats are manifested and learn how to test and mitigate them effectively.

Android Application Security Essentials: Chapter 5 - Respect Your Users If you are a developer, architect, manager or technologist looking for guidance and detailed instructions on how to secure app data, then this book is for you.

Android Application Testing Guide--Free 26 Page Excerpt It doesn't matter how much time you invest in Android design, or even how careful you are when programming; mistakes are inevitable and bugs will appear. This book will help you minimize the impact of these errors in your Android project and increase your development productivity.

Android Programming Cookbook Delve into the world of Android Programming with this compact cookbook that introduces common recipes for the Android platform!

Android UI Design Delve into the world of Android Programming with this compact guide that introduces you to UI Design!

Angry to Evangelist – Six Steps to Flip the Switch from Angry Customer to Loyal Fan As you read through these six steps, think about prior experiences you've had with your customers. Take the time to think through those situations and come up with ways you could have made them better. You may be practicing some of these steps already, but that doesn't mean you can't improve. This eBook will provide you with some examples of what you can say/write, but please don't consider them a script. Throw your scripts away. Your attitude, sincerity, and a well thought out strategy are all you need.

AngularJS Programming Cookbook Kick-start your AngularJS projects with these hot recipes!

Anonymous Proxy 2.0: When Traditional Filtering Falls Short Learn how Cymphonix Network Composer effectively controls filter bypass attempts.

Antikythera Mechanism to ECA: Making Your Job Easier with E-Discovery Technology Technology has always been a key element for human advancement, and this remains true with E-Discovery, assisting at every stage of the process, saving time and money.

Antivirus Evaluation Guide Use this evaluation guide to avoid the pitfalls of selecting the wrong antivirus solution for your organization.

AP Automation and the Strategic Vision Learn how automating your AP process can save time and money.

AP Invoice Management in a Networked Economy Learn how Best-in-Class enterprises are improving both the internal and external facets of their financial operations.

AP Invoice Management in a Networked Economy Learn how Best-in-Class enterprises are improving both the internal and external facets of their financial operations.

Apache Hadoop Cookbook Delve into the world of Spring Data Programming with this compact cookbook that introduces common recipes for the Spring Data framework!

Apache HBase: The NoSQL Database for Hadoop and Big Data HBase is the Hadoop database. Think of it as a distributed, scalable Big Data store. Use this reference card to get started with Apache HBase today.

Apache HTTP Server Cookbook Tame the Apache Web Server with this hot guide!

Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java™ Components Save time and money with reusable open source Java™ components. Master the Jakarta Commons Library of Open Source Java™ Components!

Apache Maven Cookbook Delve into the world of Apache Maven with this compact cookbook that introduces common recipes for the Maven tool!

Apache Tomcat Cookbook Delve into the world of Apache Tomcat with this compact cookbook that introduces common recipes for the Tomcat server!

API Obsession, The An application programming interface (API ) specifies how software components should interact with one another.

App Development - Salary & Skills Report What you need to know to earn more in application development.

App-Centric Enterprise and Why the Web May Soon Be Obsolete, The This paper provides insights into the emerging app-centric world, how it will influence and integrate with an increasingly mobile workforce, and why the Web may soon be obsolete.

App-Centric Healthcare - And Why mHealth 2.0 May Obsolete The Web This paper provides insights into the emerging app-centric world, how it will influence and integrate with mobile healthcare, and why the Web may soon be obsolete.

Apple iPad (New for iOS 7) -- Free Quick Reference Card This Apple iPad (New for iOS 7) Reference Card provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular tablet device. Use it to brush up on the basics and to find alternate methods.

Apple iPad - Free Quick Reference Card This Apple iPad Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular tablet device. Use it to brush up on the basics and to find alternate methods to your favorite commands.

Apple iPad 2 -- Free Quick Reference Card This Apple iPad 2 Quick Reference Card provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular tablet device. Use it to brush up on the basics and to find alternate methods to your favorite commands.

Apple iPad Buying Guide: Which One is Right for You? LAPTOP reviews which Apple iPad is right for you.

Apple iPhone (New for iOS 7) -- Free Quick Reference Card This Apple iPhone (New for iOS 7) Reference Card provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular iPhone. Use it to brush up on the basics and to find alternate methods to your favorite commands.

Apple iPhone -- Free Quick Reference Card This Apple iPhone Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular mobile device.

Apple iPod Touch 4 -- Free Quick Reference Card This Apple iPod Touch 4 Quick Reference Card provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular mp3 device.

Apple iPod Touch- Free Quick Reference Card This Apple iPod Touch Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular mp3 device.

Apple Mac OS X Lion-- Free Quick Reference Card This Apple Mac OS X Lion Quick Reference offers the fundamentals, as well as tips for using the various applications within the operating system.

Apple Mac OS X Tiger - Free Quick Reference Card This Apple Mac OS X Tiger Reference Card offers the fundamentals, as well as tips for using the various applications within the operating system.

AppleWorks 6 -- Quick Reference Card This AppleWorks 6 Quick Reference offers the fundamentals, as well as tips and shortcuts for using the various applications within the program.

Application Acceleration: How to Reduce the Cost and Complexity with Managed Application Delivery Services 65% of IT managers feel that improving the performance of enterprise applications is a higher priority relative to other IT initiatives, according to a recent survey.

Application and Network Performance Management Buyer's Guide Download now: Application and Network Performance Management Buyer's Guide.

Application Automation in Enterprise Workload Automation This white paper describes how to automate your business processes and reduce the risk associated with the introduction of new applications to your core business processes.

Application Development and Delivery: When and Where to Leverage the Cloud As enterprise IT organizations look for ways to deliver innovative business solutions fast, the cloud becomes a major factor as IT executives embark on the infrastructure and application delivery decision-making process.

Application Development Must Modernize Learn about 5 major obstacles that threaten to derail achievement of strategic business goals and revenue growth.

Application Virtualization: A CIO's Secret Weapon 10 things to look for when selecting a virtualization solution.

Application-Aware Storage for Virtual Environments The main benefit of an application-aware storage model is that it allows the storage for each individual application to be managed and optimized independently, regardless of what other workloads and applications are present.

Applications of Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Convergence in the Next-Generation Data Center This paper focuses on the architectural requirements for data center networks that support virtualization and cloud computing. The intended audience is architects and designers planning large-scale data center virtualization and a phased rollout of private cloud computing.

Applications, Virtualization and Devices: Taking Back Control Learn how to manage the problems posed by the installation and use of unauthorized applications and devices on company computers.

Applying a BPM and SOA Approach to Achieve Agile Business Integration Leverage a new kind of Business Integration, including BPM and SOA, to transform technical capabilities into business agility.

Applying Electronic Records Management in the Document Management Environment: An Integrated Approach Explore how the DocuShare family of products provides cost-effective solutions that will allow your business to easily classify and declare records at any point in the document-management process.

Applying the Four Standards of Security-Based CIA As organizations evaluate the available approaches to information security, they need to address a number of considerations in terms of operational, procedural, environmental, and system-related areas.

Applying Timely, Targeted and Tailored Insight to Improve Pipeline Performance Explore the level of sophistication in database marketing and the level of satisfaction with current CRM tools, information sources and customer profiling capabilities.

Appraisal Meeting -- Developing Your Appraisal Skills, The This free eBook gives you practical advice on how to prepare for and conduct this critical meeting.

Appraisal Skills - Developing Your Team's Competencies Assess and develop the competencies of your team members to add value to the whole organization.

Appraisal Skills Template Bundle These free templates provide practical advice on collecting and evaluating performance data, conducting the appraisal meetings, completing the final appraisal reports and developing competencies.

Appreciative Intelligence: Seeing the Mighty Oak in the Acorn Discover the Ability behind Creativity, Leadership, and Success

Apps on BlackBerry 10: What Every Developer Should Know Find out what's involved in developing, deploying, migrating and managing apps with BlackBerry® 10.

Apptix - Hosted Business Solutions The premier provider of hosted business communication, collaboration, and IT solutions.

Apptix Cloud Alliance Network, The As a channel partner, generate new revenue streams, maximize profit & meet the needs of your customers.

Archery Business® Covers the business side of bowhunting and archery: trade news, industry statistics, marketing and product trends, new product R&D, tips for better business management and effective retailing.

Architectural Flexibility for Manufacturing Companies: The Key to Choosing the Right CRM Learn how to choose the right CRM system to increase productivity and ensure consistency in the industrial and manufacturing industries.

Ardent Partners: The State of B2B Payments 2015 Best in class AP teams have a per payment processing cost that is 92% lower than their peers.

Are All Those Project Management Tools Really Needed? Examine some of the major tools listed in the PMBOK® Guide, find out how and where they're used, and see what it will take you, the Project Manager (PM), to learn how to use the tools.

Are Current Economic Conditions Trending Toward a Value Added Tax in the U.S.? Discover how the global recession can potentially change the future of U.S. transaction taxes.

Are Home Value Estimators Really Accurate? House Value Store provide the best home valuations and real estate search experience

Are There Criminals On Your Sales Team? Learn how to structure a criminal background check program for use with sales candidates.

Are You Doing Influencer Marketing Right? A simple enough question, except it's not.

Are You For Real?! Going From Excuses to Authentic Selling and Living Your Dreams (Valued at $9.99) Learn from the author as he shares his wisdom and sales secrets, tells humorous and inspiring stories, and asks introspective questions to guide you on the path of success.

Are You Leaving No Stone Unturned? Find out how finance executives are maintaining cash flow — and with it, their companies' survival — by implementing fresh ideas.

Are You Ready for the All-Wireless Enterprise? With the cost and productivity benefits of wireless technology, businesses are now deploying it more and more for business-critical applications. But is your enterprise ready for a pervasive wireless infrastructure?

Are You Wasting Your .NET Developer Training Budget? If you want your software team to stay abreast of the latest software technologies while also developing new applications and supporting an existing code base, you cannot afford to rely on outmoded training methods.

Are Your Bad Sleep Habits Ruining Your Contact Center Career? Whether it’s late night work, midnight Netflix bingeing, a crying baby, or snoring partner, your bad sleep habits are ruining your career.

Are Your Business Continuity Plans Up To Par for Today's Changing World? Business Continuity (BC) plans for compliance won't cut it as business leaders are demanding outcomes, asking if you can prove that you are resilient enough to recover.

Are Your Employees Security Assets or Liabilities? What every company needs to know to build a culture of security and avoid security breaches.

Are Your Sellers Ready to Sell? A quick read on how video technology can help your sales team realize its full potential.

Are Your Website Visuals World-Ready? If a picture is worth a thousand words, you need to consider how these words will translate to web users around the world.

Art & Science of JavaScript - Free 100 Page Preview!, The For intermediate JavaScript developers who want to take their JavaScript skills to the next level without sacrificing web accessibility or best practice.

Art of Explanation: Making your Ideas, Products, and Services Easier to Understand-- Complimentary Excerpt, The Your guide to becoming an explanation specialist.

Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract, The Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Art of the Marketing Scorecard, The Using data to tell the story of omnichannel marketing performance.

Art of the Self Assessment, The Self-assessments…wasted time or time well spent? It depends…it's all in your approach.

Art of the Self-Assessment, The Self-assessments…wasted time or time well spent? It depends…it's all in your approach.

Art of Using Data to Nurture Your Best Leads, The Marketers, discover how to use data to uncover the full potential of a lead.

Art of Using Data to Nurture Your Best Leads, The Marketers, discover how to use data to uncover the full potential of a lead.

Asia Electronics Industry Delivers reviews of hot technologies affecting the electronics industry in Asian countries as well as how these companies are improving productivity and quality.

Asked & Answered: Your Top 10 Questions About Managing Freelancers & Independent Contractors After being immersed in the world of work for more than two decades, Work Market's expert panel sat down to answer the most commonly asked questions around using freelancers and independent contractors.

ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks - Free 156 Page Preview, The Learn the most practical features and best approaches for ASP.NET.

Aspirational Investor: Taming the Markets to Achieve Your Life's Goals (Exclusive Sneak Peak Sampler!), The The Aspirational Investor is a practical, innovative approach to managing wealth based on key goals and the careful allocation of risks rather than responding to the whims of the financial markets.

Assembly Magazine is edited to serve manufacturing professionals responsible for engineering and managing product assembly operations throughout the Original Equipment Market.

Assessing Endpoint Security Solutions: Why Detection Rates Aren't Enough Explore the pitfalls of simply looking at virus detection rates and investigates the effect of the rapidly developing IT environment and fast-moving threat landscape on assessment criteria.

Assessing Financial Performance -- Developing Your Finance Skills Use key accounting ratios to help you make informed management decisions about the financial status of other organizations.

Asset-Intensive Organizations Need ALIM (Asset Lifecycle Information Management) for Effective Engineering Information Management Good engineering management is essential for the design, construction, operations and maintenance of infrastructure assets, and requires fit-for-purpose ALIM solutions that span all asset lifecycle management activities.

AT&T Developer Program - Mobile Application Development Best Practices Learn the best practices for mobile application development including formulating a wireless strategy and tips on solution design, development, deployment, and maintenance.

Attract, Develop, and Retain a 21st Century Workforce Get better results by driving alignment, optimizing performance, and accelerating growth.

Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers--Free Sample Chapter Proprietary audience development is now a core marketing responsibility

Auditing Privileged Access and Activity in Windows Regulatory compliance and governance are critical areas of focus for organizations of all kinds, often including extensive auditing and monitoring requirements.

Audits & Inspections Made Simple! Bring your business into the 21st century, use cloud based technology to reduce your administrative burden.

Auswahl einer effektiven Vernetzungstechnologie für CFD-Berechnungen Dieses Whitepaper erläutert eine neue Methode der CFD-Analyse zur Steigerung der Produktivität.

Authentication Cheat Sheet Excellent authentication guidance in an easy to read format

Authentication Solutions Through Keystroke Dynamics Provides an in-depth study of keystroke dynamics and how it's used today to fully secure enterprises and prevent fraud.

Authentication, Encryption & Tracking Technologies: The benefits of Utilizing Hybrid Technologies for Asset Protection Mitigate the risk associated with new Security Breach Notification Laws by deploying technology that uses "Smart Encryption" and provides a recovery mechanism to track and recover hardware.

Authority Leadership Marketing: Making Content the Cornerstone of Customer Engagement and Relevance Customer-centric content and authority leadership are critical to building brand trust, accelerating lead acquisition, and shortening selling cycles.

Automate Routine Network Maintenance and Recovery Tasks Remotely See how the energy industry uses secure remote management for their widely distributed networks.

Automate Your Time and Attendance System to Save Money and Reduce Human Error See how to stop the 'profit leak' flowing from your manual payroll processes.

Automated Configuration Management: Why it Matters and How to Get Started Are you spending more time fighting fires than adding functionality? Managing too many tasks with ad-hoc manual changes and handwritten scripts? It's time to automate your configuration management.

Automated Deposit Module for Full-Function ATMs Simplify operations for consumers and branch personnel.

Automated Operations: 5 Benefits for Your Organization In the mainframe computing environment, the variety of software needed to perform essential functions has always posed a challenging operations management problem.

Automating IT Data Collection and Compliance for GRCM Controls This guide addresses managing the technology component of GRCM - particularly as it relates to compliance.

Automating Paper and Other Document Processes: Solutions and Benefits Determine your company's needs for electronic document storage and retrieval and the key considerations you need for implementation.

Automating Processes from the Loading Dock to the Cash Register Learn how small to mid-sized retailers are automating store processes with a single tool.

Automating the 20 Critical Security Controls CISOs now have a blueprint for reducing risk and managing compliance.

Automating the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls with QualysGuard This paper describes how automating critical controls with QualysGuard can protect your network and IT assets with continuous security.

Automating User Management and Single Sign-on for Salesforce.com Learn how to overcome the challenges of integrating Salesforce.com logins for single sign-on and automating provisioning.

Automation in the Cloud: vCloud Automation Center vs. vCloud Director Automation is the next big frontier in IT as we look to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Automation Within, Around and Beyond Oracle E-Business Suite An advanced solution for the Oracle E-Business Suite that can significantly improve your ROI for your enterprise.

Automation Within, Around and Beyond Oracle E-Business Suite Learn how to significantly improve your ROI and how UC4 Workload Automation Suite enhances and extends the Oracle E-Business Suite.

Automotive Engineering Change: The Key to Cost Reduction for Competitive Advantage Identify best practices for change management to help automotive companies innovate, yet reduce development costs to bring to market the automobiles of the future.

Automotive Engineering International Serving the global automotive design and development community - specifically those involved in the product design, engineering and testing of all major automotive vehicles systems.

Automotive Supplier Finds Long-Term Value in Cloud ERP No more upgrades and patches.

AutoNation Case Study Increasing profitability and productivity by putting the right people in the right roles.

Availability for Dummies Learn about availability in layman's terms and how to best protect against costly downtime.

Avaya Aura Communication Manager System Class of Service (COS) The Class of Service (COS) function in the Avaya Aura Communication Manager System is a helpful tool for enforcing system feature access security and for segmenting users into functional groups, according to their feature access requirements.

Aviation Week & Space Technology EXCLUSIVE OFFER: One month of free access to Aviation Week & Space Technology, online, digital and print editions - Risk Free!

Avoid the Banks and Get the Loan Your Business Needs FAST & EASY Learn how Business Cash Advance can help your business and you will also receive free price quotes (via phone and email) from up to three pre-screened and quality vendors to compare and save.

Avoid the Pitfalls Hindering Mobile App Success Learn about some of the pitfalls of mobile app development and how to avoid them.

Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes of IT Security Compliance This guide covers seven typical IT security compliance errors and outlines the best practices you can immediately apply to your environment to help your company achieve compliance.

Avoiding Industrial Hose Hazards Abandon the common practice of mixing and matching components. Start thinking system.

Avoiding Penalties and Earning Tax Credits: 7 Reasons To Choose Business Health Insurance Now Health insurance is one of the most sought after and useful benefits a company can provide for its employees. But choosing a health insurance provider for your small business can be very challenging.

Avoiding the Compliance Trap for Travel and Expenses Discover how on-demand T&E solutions are helping companies quickly meet requirements to enforce policies and controls and are also providing capabilities to meet evolving compliance requirements.

Avoiding the Shoebox: Managing Expenses in Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Small businesses need to efficiently control costs and optimize cash flow, but how, and what role does automation play in this process? This white paper helps answer some of those questions.

Avoiding the Shoebox: Managing Expenses in Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Small businesses need to efficiently control costs and optimize cash flow, but how, and what role does automation play in this process? This white paper helps answer some of those questions.

Awesome Automation Guide for Macs, The By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

AWS Storage Solutions 101 Discover the many varieties of storage solutions available from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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